Peter Delaney

Silvertone as become synonymous with photographic art. Andreas have been a mentor to the photographic community for a long time. His knowledge and guidance has helped amateurs and professionals along the road to success. My own personal experience began a few years ago as a very enthusiastic amatuer eager to jump in the void of professionalism. Through the mentorship of silvertone a self realization of the learning curve I would have to endure before I could contemplate that path. It is only now that I feel confident to begin this journey. And I know what ever it may bring that help and and advice are always on hand thanks to Silvertone. Long may their business continue for the photographic community would be poorer without them. And there invaluable knowledge would be lost to future generations of eager photographers. delaneypl@yahoo.com Read more


Michelle Attala

I’m a traveling photojournalist, mostly working in Zambia in the bush. I often need to have fine-art images printed and delivered internationally. I send high res images via Silvertone’s website knowing that they have the knowledge and understanding of my work which is then printed to the highest standard. The team at Silvertone, print, package and post my images Professionally and punctually to my clients. Whenever I am ‘in town’ I pop in to Silvertone and what should be a 10-minute visit soon turns into a creative brainstorming session. I always leave feeling enriched by their Professionalism, technical knowledge, and aesthetic values which inspire me with a vision to get back out there and Photograph. Thanks for doing such a great job!!

Michelle Attala – michelleattala@googlemail.com

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