The Beast

Amy Schoeman

I’ve been with Silvertone for many years and the scans and prints have unfailingly been of an outstanding quality, absolutely state of the art. The service is fast, efficient and always accommodating. In short, this laboratory is top of the range;  I wouldn’t go anywhere else. (website in progress. To be announced soon.) Read more


Barney Edwards

I could print my digital work myself….It’s cheaper… But I don’t! Why not? Because then I wouldn’t get all the advice… knowledge… support … and cups of good coffee… I get from Andreas @ Silvertone. All photographers need unbiased ’mentor ship’ …and good advice born out of years of experience…especially ’pro’s’. It’s how we get better at what we do … That’s what you ’really’ get @ Silvertone! Read more


Beverly Joubert

Dear Andreas, There has been some activity lately. A small flurry of excitement in the halls for the National Geographic Society, at its Explorer’s Hall. The Joubert, Big Cat Exhibition opened this month to consistent and growing positive reviews like a wonderful wave of appreciation. That appreciation is not only for Beverly’s fine images, or only of the eyes of the big cats that stare back at you, but for the overall package. So it deserves some explanation of exactly what that package is, for anyone who may want to read this. It has also set me considering the fine line between art and what is not considered art. It began with a visit to Silverton’s offices in South Africa, where old friend and associate Andreas, took a long had look at a selection of images in his usual laconic way, nodding quietly, framing with two set squares, reaching over to finger some paper samples and consulting with Andreas. Then at last a pronouncement that you don’t even ask for from a regular printer or setter, ’these are good!’ So as a first level of service at Silverton you get an opinion, an honest one at that. Beverly’s eyebrows climbed up her forehead a notch when that announcement included a ’This one lets the portfolio down a little in my opinion…’ but while that image stayed a round or two longer I notice it did not make it into her final selection! Next is a meticulous series of tests on different papers to determine the way the light falls over the image and if the slicker Textured Fine Art brings the deep colours out too much or whether the more absorbent Fabriano takes that edge off and leaves a rounded colour palette. Back and forth, test, select, test again, blow up, less gamma, more density, more luminance… Once we got a call from Andreas saying that some unique combination of papers and colour gave up a look that none of us expected but…’you know I like it!’ We went in and looked down at a print that took our breath away. In any other shop, this would not have been printed. It would not have passed that first 5 x 7 test, and we would never have had a call to come and see a full sized experiment. This only happens because Silverton becomes your partner, a creative partner if you allow it. If you want a full colour glossy print, you really want to go somewhere else, I get the impression that kind of printing turns their stomachs.   The work is an interesting blend between precise detail and artistic collaboration, which if you think about it, is a realm very few succeed in. You are either precise and detailed as a personality, or creative, by stereotype, but Silverton defies stereotypes, or stereos in general it seems. I see a vinyl record player in the lab, which should be un-noteworthy, but it is in a way indicative of what Silverton is about. It is, as a company, an association of individuals, a specialist in a hand made ethic that was more prevalent in the days of those vinyl records even though they were plastic and mass produced. They were gritty and had a texture in a way that seems more honest than merely recreating reality, in the same way as Silverton looks at photography; an art form beyond the easy route, beyond that simply recreation of reality in a snapshot. This journey  has to be hard, filled with experimentation and some mistakes, because somehow I believe that all of those steps walk with you like silent and invisible warriors in this fight against mediocrity. Silverton is an enemy of mediocre.  Thank you all, Dereck and Beverly. – Read more


Terry Kurgan

I’m an artist and photographer working with Andreas at Silvertone has been a unique experience for me. They combine extraordinary levels of cutting edge digital printing knowledge and technical skill with a deeply human and personal investment in the success and beauty of whichever project it is that you bring to them. Working with them is always a collaboration because as an artist, I often bring them unconventional printing needs! And, I am always struck by their patience and generosity as they work out how best to get the job done for me. A calm, peaceful and professional atmosphere pervades their printshop at all times and this too seems to be a part of their admirable work ethos. – Read more

Iraq Fallujah

Brent Stirton

Andreas is the consummate German perfectionist behind a computer. I know that I can give him an untouched raw file  and on the basis of a brief conversation; he will produce something beyond my ability to imagine in my own work.  A great retoucher, he is capable of bringing out detail which I did not realize was there. It is like seeing the photograph all over again. A great retoucher takes your work to another level, they are not just technicians, they see what you are trying to communicate and use their skills to enhance that. Beyond their technical skills, Dennis and Andreas are people who really listen to you. This is a bespoke service, not a drop off shop that wants the work out the door as quickly as possible. They are concerned with their reputation for consistent quality. As a result everything is beautifully done and you come away from the experience feeling like you have found collaborators. In a world of apathetic operators they are a breath of fresh air. – Read more



After 5 years of printing with Dennis and Andreas, it seems like Andreas can actually see into my mind. He not only understands my vision but can interpret that vision into printed matter that is as vibrant as the day I took that picture. He is willing to experiment with paper and ink until we get a final product that I proudly exhibit anywhere in the world. I only print Single Editions, which makes their attention to details and willingness to create only the most beautiful works of art, absolutely priceless, and a valued partner in my artistic career. Read more



We only work with Silvertone as they put as much passion into their work, as we put into ours. Photography is a lot more than just shooting with the highest quality equipment , so we only work with Silvertone as they are a lot more than just the highest quality printers. – Read more


Eugene vd Merwe

Having worked very closely with Silvertone for the past three years, I have found them to be an invaluable partner in producing fine prints and scans for clients. Their very knowledgeable and helpful staff provides excellent advice and fast, high quality products, even on the tightest deadlines. I have continued using their services since moving to Cape Town recently, and have found them to be as capable of providing the best services at a distance, as they are when you can just pop in from around the corner. I would highly recommend them to anyone requiring the best printing and scanning available! Read more