Silvertone has printed for well known photographers and artist over the last few years, and has a name for giving only the best when it comes to exhibitions. We print regularly for Norman Catherine, William Kentridge, Michael Mayersfeld and other well known artist as well as for the Goodman Gallery, WITS art gallery, UJ art gallery, Gallery Momo to name but a few.


Obama’s People by Nadav Kander

Pierre Crocket’s Enter-Exit Exhibition

Elizabeth Kahlau’s exhibition was on the 19. Sep. (Die Skrif an die Muur)

Recent Exhibition for Beverly and Dereck Joubert at National Geographic’s headquarters in Washington USA.

International Printing – Send your files

Transfer your files to us at high speeds and we will print and courier it back to you any where in the world. Send your files to us for a detailed quotation. Once you accept the quotation, the process of printing & shipping museum quality artwork worldwide is streamlined so you can sit back while we do all the work for you.

At silvertone International we work with top international artists. Your artwork is guaranteed secure and safe with us. We guarantee the highest quality in reproduction and printing. We only use archival mediums guaranteed to last for many generations to come. Submit your artwork for free Here.

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Silvertone is a certified contract proofing studio accredited by” FOGRA” (Graphic Technology Research Association ) certificate no 21867. For quality and consistency Silvertone uses certified proofing papers. All profiles and monitor calibration are written and calibrated at Silvertone using a GretagMacbeth spectrophotometer and the “JUST” Normlicht 5000k viewing booth lighting system.


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Digital Printing

Silvertone uses Epson printers, 4800 for proofing, two 9600 with Quad tone inks ( seven greys) for Black & White printing, one 9880 and a 11880 with Epson archival Ultrachrome inks for colour printing, working from your transparency, negative or digital file, prints of the highest quality are printed onto a variety of beautiful smooth or textured 100% acid free cotton papers and canvas.

Printers: 4800, 4900, 9880, 9600, 11880

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Silvertone use a Scanmate 5000 Drum scanner, Imacon virtual drum scanner and a Microtek A3 Page 2 plus Flat bed scanner capable of scanning from colour or b&w, flat art, negatives and transparencies in the following formats: 35mm, 120mm, [up to 60 x 170mm] and sheet film 102x127mm. These scanner’s deliver colour, saturation, sharpness and a high dynamic range with the highest degree of consistency.


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Black and White Custom Hand Printing

Fibre-based B&W hand prints are arguably the finest reproductions available. Prints are hand processed, fixed in two baths, and then washed and toned to archival standards. Printing includes cropping, dodging and burning. A variety of fine fibre-based and resin coated papers in glossy, semi-matt, matt and pearl finishes are available. We are also able to chemically tone, creating various colours and tones with interesting results.


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Lith Hand Prints

The intrinsic beauty and creative potential of this process is endless. Silvertone uses a variety of papers and chemicals to produce these provocative prints. To achieve a lith print, a suitable black and white photographic paper is overexposed and partially developed in highly diluted developer, by utilising this particular mode of action known as infectious development, a print with black shadows, coloured mid tones and highlights is typically the result.


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Alternative Photographic Printing

History of the process: This process started in the early 18th century and played an important role in the development of the positive and negative as we know them today. The Salted Paper process was the culmination of several centuries’ worth of research by remarkable men and women studying the relationship between light and chemistry. However, the concept of a “photograph” only really came to life in the imagination of William Henry Fox Talbot in 1833.

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There are many pitfalls that photographers and artists are often unaware of when preparing their work for publication in the form of a book. Silvertone has been through the process many times and knows how to ensure that your work is presented to the world the way it should be. Silvertone has assisted in the quality control, scanning, grading and colour proofing of a number of very successful art catalogues, and books published both locally and internationally. Andreas have always had a passion for beautifully designed, printed and bound books, and both are collectors of limited edition and rare books.


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