Fine Art Printing & Framing

Hello Friends,
Have you heard?? Silvertone is now doing conservational framing.
We are kicking off with a big combo special
(on Tecco PM230 Fine Art Paper and a modern black or white frame – 097)
Come and have a coffee with us while you get your framing and printing done for these incredible prices:


Fine Art Collectors Books

Silvertone specializes in creating unique products that you can find nowhere else. We are so proud of our latest Fine Art Collectors Books.

‘In to Africa’ is a collection of amazing wildlife images taken in Botswana.

The images were edited by Andreas, after designing the album layout the books are printed on luxury fine art paper.

These unique Fine Art Collectors Books are bound with genuine leather and finish off with a beautiful embossing.

This is truly the best way to treasure your Safari Memories forever.

Fine Art Collectors Books

Fine Art Collectors Books

Angama Mara Photographic Awards

Silvertone International is proud to be part of The Greatest Masaai Mara Photographer of the year 2018 by The Angama Foundation

The grand finale revealing Anup Shah as the winner of the inaugural Greatest Maasai Mara Photographer of the Year competition at a cocktail celebration at Nyama Mama in Nairobi.

The top 50 images will be exhibited in galleries across the globe, with showings in Cape Town, Seattle, Melbourne, Dubai, Atlanta and Brisbane in partnership with our specialist African travel partners in those cities.

The Seattle Exhibition was a great success, the next event will be in Melbourne on the 26th Feb.


Silvertone Framing

Silvertone is proud to announce that we opened an exclusive framing department to our fine art printing company.

From classic framing to box framing we do it all! Our team of professional framers and consultants will be happy to deliver the best service and advice.

Come say hello and have a coffee with us!


The Silvertone Team

Framing_ Johannesburg



New York New York

Silvertone had another successful in house exhibition by Elizabeth Olivier-Kahlau! For those of you who missed out here are some images of the exhibition:

P.s. These images are for sale, contact Andreas ASAP for a quote.

NY-1 NY-2 NY-3 NY-4 NY-5 NY-6 NY-7 NY-8 NY-9 NY-10 NY-11 NY-12 NY-13 NY-17 NY-18 NY-19 NY-21 NY-22 NY-23 NY-24 NY-25 NY-26 NY-27 NY-28 NY-29 NY-30 NY-31 NY-32 NY-33 NY-34 NY-35 NY-36 NY-37 NY-38 NY-39 NY-40 NY-41 NY-42 NY-43 NY-44 NY-45 NY-46 NY-47 NY-48 NY-49 NY-50 NY-51 NY-52 NY-53 NY-54 NY-55 NY-56 NY-57